Narrative Photography

Photo Essays

School for Nomads

In the remote Himalayan region of Changthang in Ladakh, many nomadic parents, wiser after a lifetime of harsh life in sub-zero temperatures, face the dilemma of leaving their children behind in the new residential primary school or taking them along in their seasonal trek across the hills with their livestock.

Park Life

Park Life documents life in a Dhaka park and the myriad activities that unfold across that space.


Interviews, Opinions & Reportage

In Conversation: Giacomo Brunelli

Italian photographer Giacomo Brunelli is interviewed by Bhumika Popli on his work and his project ‘The Animals’ which was showcased at the Delhi Photo Festival 2013.

With a storm brewing on the horizon, Ikiwa Abdulla heads out at lowtide to gather shellfish in Fumba, Zanzibar. Abdulla is a participant in a shellfish program that hopes to teach women in Zanzibar how to cultivate shellfish. While women already harvest shellfish, the program will help replenish the already overfished stocks of oysters and clams and promote economic opportunities for women in rural villages in Zanzibar.

In Conversation: Julia Cumes

US based photographer Julia Cumes whose multimedia project ‘India’s Devadasi System’ was recently published on Aksgar talks about the project in more detail and the power of multimedia in enhancing visual storytelling.

Xavieramma, a resident of Idinthakarai, cries out for help after being chased into the sea with no place to run. She was later helped out and arrested by the security forces. She has been charged with 16 cases including serious charges like sedition and waging war against the nation.

In Conversation: Amirtharaj Stephen

Indian photographer Stephen Amirtharaj is interviewed by Bhumika Popli on his work and his project ‘Koodankulam: In My Backyard’ which was showcased at the Delhi Photo Festival 2013.

Multimedia Work


India’s Devadasi System

This multimedia project explores India’s Devadasi System-an ancient system of religiously sanctioned prostitution still practiced in India today.


And Then I Became a Muslim-Part I

In the four part photo film series, And Then I Became a Muslim, Michael Hauri portrays Germans who came to Islam. This is Part 1 in the series.


Deccan Nights

7000 pics – 2 crazy guys – one crazy city – one crazy video.