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Narrative Photography Projects: Bodies of work, minimum of 8 photos per photo essay. Work made in South Asia preferred.

Articles: Articles (interviews, opinions and reportage) looking at photography as an art form. 500- 3000 words per article.

Multimedia: Photo films that use the photographic image to construct a video narrative. 3-10 mins duration ideally.

Selection Process

We have limited resources and may not always reply to your submission quickly. If your work is selected for publication, we will notify you as soon as possible.

Some work will, in total or in part, be selected for publication in the print version of Aksgar. If your work is selected for the print version, we will get in touch and request high resolution files of your images.

Submission Guidelines

Please note that submissions not following these guidelines may not be considered!

  • Resize your files to around 1200 pixels on the wider edge (never less than 1024 pixels). We can only accept jpg files at 100% quality. If we require higher resolution files, we will ask you.
  • Please name your photos in the order you wish them to be viewed. For example: 1-yourname.jpg, 2-yourname.jpg and so on.
  • All files should have embedded metadata. At a minimum, title, caption and name of photographer should be included.
  • No borders or watermarks please.
  • Please include a description of your photo essay, a brief bio and your photo along with your submission.
  • Zip all your files together and upload them as a single file using the form below. Fill in all the required fields.
  • If you are submitting multimedia work please send us a url to your video first where possible.
  • For written work send us a pdf (or online link) of your article.
  • Submissions with large file sizes might receive an error message. In such cases, please email your submission in the above mentioned format directly to submit (at) aksgar (dot) com (up to 25 MB). If your submission is larger then 25 MB then please email us first and we will inform you of other submission options.


It pains us to say so, but at the moment we cannot offer financial compensation for your work. We know that a credit line does not pay your bills, but it’s all we can afford to give you for now.

We are working hard to change this in the future.


By submitting your work to us you also agree to our editing it, both in terms of length or sequencing, to present it in the best possible way on Aksgar.

Copyright Info & Disclaimer

By submitting your work for publication in Aksgar you are stating that you own the copyright to your work, or have permission from the copyright holder to submit the work.

If your submitted work is accepted for publication, Aksgar will have a non-exclusive right to use your work on and Aksgar’s social media channels and keep it in the published archives during the life of the website.

If your work is chosen to be featured in the magazine version, in addition to the rights above, Aksgar will have a worldwide, non-exclusive right to use your photos/articles/videos for distribution in the electronic and print versions of Aksgar. Your work will be credited at all times.

Copyright for the published photos/articles/videos, unless otherwise mentioned, remains with the copyright holder.

Aksgar cannot be held liable for copyright violation in case of photos/articles/videos submitted by a third-party without the proper consent of the copyright owner.

Submission Form

Please fill in all the required fields. Your files should be zipped into one file and uploaded using the form.

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