Cowboys of No Man’s Land

This photo essay documents the children who take their cattle to graze in the huge no man’s land on the border between India and Bangladesh.

And Then I Became a Muslim-Part I

In the four part photo film series, And Then I Became a Muslim, Michael Hauri portrays Germans who came to Islam. This is Part 1 in the series.

Braveheart Girl Lit a Flame

India was stunned when a 23 year old female physiotherapy intern was beaten and brutally gang raped by six men on a moving bus in New Delhi on 16 December, 2012 and thrown out of the vehicle, almost dead.

A Tale of Bibi Zohora

Bibi Zohora, 19, was admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital with a severely broken neck. Note: This essay contains DISTURBING CONTENT!

A boxer at Pamwani gym

Slumdog Boxing

Kenya may best be known for its long distance runners, but the country’s sporting talent happens to extend beyond this one sport. Boxing, too, has a long tradition in the country. First introduced by companies such as the Kenyan Railway Service to its workers back in colonial times, many of these same gyms are still operating over sixty years later, albeit much worse for wear.

Gypsies – the Super People

Today, Gypsies are ‘Super People’ – they do not have their land and live in all the countries of the world, do not have their music and play all the music of the world, do not have their own language and speak all the languages of the world, do not have their religion and have all the religions of the world.

Hunger in their Bellies

It is the same story across the length and breadth of India. A nation that today plays a key role in changing world markets, has not given enough money to its own people to run their homes.

Land of a Thousand Struggles (2005-06)

As India goes through its growing pangs as a new burgeoning economy, it is leaving behind in its shadows a majority of rural India that is still living a daily struggle to survive.

Mughli – The Lonely Mother

Enforced disappearance is one of the most harrowing consequences of the armed conflict in Kashmir. During the last 18 years of conflict, the Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons claims more than 10,000 people have been subject to forced disappearance.


I happened upon the Emergency War Victims Hospital in Kabul by accident. I had grabbed a cab in the street and asked the driver to take me to the outskirts of town, but in the afternoon, when I had finished my work, he said he knew a place that might be of interest to me. He dropped me at the gates of Emergency, and once inside, I instantly knew I wanted to spend some time there.