Photo Essays

Deportees by Nick Oza


Mexican illegal immigrants caught near the Nogales, are returned to Mexico at the Mariposa Port of Entry. Nick Oza documents a group of such immigrants as they are being prepared for the return trip.

9.0 (inside)

On March 11th 2011: Japan experienced an earthquake of a magnitude of 9.0 bringing on a tsunami which ravaged the northern coasts of the island. 9.0 [inside] shows destroyed interiors of dwellings and the intimacy of people at the time of the drama.

I Was Loved By Her In a June

Love is about a place, about a memory, about feeling, about mood and about symbols. Storm clouds, a lonely bird in flight, a made bed, gentle curves wet from the rain, crumpled sheets, a broken moon…

Breach of the Peace

Hippies have become parents, punks have put their leather jackets away, and clubs are old-fashioned. The underground scenes live on, now in the form of rave parties.

Yatnena Paripaalaya

India is full of legends, epics and diverse cultures. A vast amount of information on her glorious past has been memorized and retold by generations. Sagas that are now bed time stories find their roots in ancient manuscripts.

Zhe Chen - Bees


Bees is a story of struggling and coping, told by someone with intimate knowledge of self-mutilation. Creative, powerful and exceptionally photographed. NOTE: This essay contains images that some viewers may find disturbing.

Parcel Colony

“Oh, fuck! It stinks!”
That is the first thought in my mind after reaching a colony where the parcels are not only “Parcels”, they are the object of conflicts here. They are the objects of life.

Dance Bar

A fleeting view of one of the many Dance Bars in India, in which adult entertainment in the form of dances by relatively well-covered women are performed for male patrons in exchange for cash.

A boxer at Pamwani gym

Slumdog Boxing

Kenya may best be known for its long distance runners, but the country’s sporting talent happens to extend beyond this one sport. Boxing, too, has a long tradition in the country. First introduced by companies such as the Kenyan Railway Service to its workers back in colonial times, many of these same gyms are still operating over sixty years later, albeit much worse for wear.


These series of photographs represent a journey. I always take photographs that have a story inside them in their own right. I want the viewer to look at them and create their own individual narrative.