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Braveheart Girl Lit a Flame

India was stunned when a 23 year old female physiotherapy intern was beaten and brutally gang raped by six men on a moving bus in New Delhi on 16 December, 2012 and thrown out of the vehicle, almost dead.

A Tale of Bibi Zohora

Bibi Zohora, 19, was admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital with a severely broken neck. Note: This essay contains DISTURBING CONTENT!

Tokyo Hotel Story

Tokyo Hotel Story explores a world that lies at the intersection of desire and domination. Note: This essay contains EXPLICIT CONTENT!

A Broken Record

Have I failed love or has love failed me? The only thing I’m sure of is, somewhere, at some point something has failed.

Swastik Pal - My Uncle Tukka - Featured

My Uncle Tukka

“This is my personal tribute to a man, a human being who continues to live in utmost silence for more than four decades now. This is just about him, the way he is, with all his perfections and imperfections.”

Rangoon Hardcore

Rangoon Hardcore

A Burma of passionate creativity, rebelious style and subversive culture – the world of the underground music scene, as rarely seen in the West.


We leave things, and maybe, they leave us, too, on streets, waiting on sidewalks, forgotten and far from shiny, set aside in corners.

Haiti – Two Years After

Two years ago, on 12th January 2010, one of the most severe earthquakes recorded in history shook the country of Haiti resulting in over 300,000 victims. Almost immediately, the efforts of the international community by way of donations and relief supplies reached the island nation.


Rocked by scandal, can Japan’s most traditional sport keep up with the times?

The Travelers, spiritual tourism in India

The Travelers

The Travelers gives us an insight into the spirituality tourists in India – those seeking, those finding, and those still traveling.