I Was Loved By Her In a June

by Amit Mondal



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Photographer’s Note
She gave him a name. An Idiot. Because he loved her so much.
He was a confused one.
Roaming around some alleys, he often lost himself.
She was a good friend, a lover sometimes.
Together they loved night, they loved bed.
When a rainstorm was preparing itself to hit, the evening died from an urban city.
They were standing over a roof and flew eyes far away…

He was a confused one.
She was a good friend, a lover many times.

It was a June. Raining. And they were alone like trees. Then Love came.
She: Loved.
He: Its all about her neck, moles, earring, nonsense…

She was a confused one, may be..
He gave her nothing but tufts of tension.
He didn’t want anymore to be with her.
She was a good friend.
And he wanted her as a lover, all the time.

Editor’s Note – Anil Cherukupalli

Love can be a bitch to define and describe. It is one of the most misunderstood, overrated, cruel, wonderful, magnificent and enigmatic emotions we as social beings experience. To define the passage of love between two people through photography without resorting to obvious symbols is another challenge. Amit Mondal tries through this essay to capture indirectly the fleeting moments and emotions that love creates between two people.

Love is also about a place, about a memory, about feeling, about mood and about symbols. Each one of the photos in the essay seems to bring one such aspect to life. Storm clouds, a lonely bird in flight, a made bed, gentle curves wet from the rain, crumpled sheets, a broken moon, vague outlines, gently falling rain and finally an open cage all seem to guide one through the journey that love makes between two people.

Perhaps due to the deeply personal nature of the emotions alluded to, the photos retain an intense intimacy. And therefore as a viewer you cannot help but internalize and personalize the different symbols and allusions in the photographs. In the end, it is this connection that is the strength of this essay.

About Amit Mondal
Amit Mondal is an independent self made photographer based in West Bengal. Born in 1991, he is studying Engineering and divides his time between home and hostel.

He wants to make photographs and sometimes also wants to become a filmmaker.



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    Sudipta Sen

    We are proud of you Amit Da… Congrats and all the best… 🙂

  • Reply March 25, 2013

    Deepak Kumar

    bhai this is superb, honestly i gave it a serious look only today…….. and rendering them… the layers, the subtexts.
    beautiful story.

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