In Conversation: Pradeep KS

Bangalore based photographer Pradeep KS whose photo essay ‘Tent Moments’ was published on Aksgar talks about the project and his ongoing work.


A Different Vision

India has one of the largest populations of the visually challenged, mostly from very poor families that cannot afford expensive treatment or education. This photo essay documents the life of students at an institute for the blind as they learn to live a normal dignified life.

The Diabetic Corridor

The Other Side

‘The Other Side’ is a self realization project for a photographer who makes his living out of advertising.


Mongolian Nomad Herders

A photo essay that documents the life of the Mongolian nomads and the amazing landscape they inhabit.

Porn Tent

Tent Moments

This photo essay is dedicated to the tent cinema as it is today – surviving away from the glare of the metropolis, in crevices towards which the noses of the law are not pointed and where a faint whiff of illegality hangs in the air.


Cowboys of No Man’s Land

This photo essay documents the children who take their cattle to graze in the huge no man’s land on the border between India and Bangladesh.

With a storm brewing on the horizon, Ikiwa Abdulla heads out at lowtide to gather shellfish in Fumba, Zanzibar. Abdulla is a participant in a shellfish program that hopes to teach women in Zanzibar how to cultivate shellfish. While women already harvest shellfish, the program will help replenish the already overfished stocks of oysters and clams and promote economic opportunities for women in rural villages in Zanzibar.

In Conversation: Julia Cumes

US based photographer Julia Cumes whose multimedia project ‘India’s Devadasi System’ was recently published on Aksgar talks about the project in more detail and the power of multimedia in enhancing visual storytelling.


India’s Devadasi System

This multimedia project explores India’s Devadasi System-an ancient system of religiously sanctioned prostitution still practiced in India today.


In Conversation: Sagarneel Biswas

Bangalore based photographer Sagarneel Biswas whose ‘School for Nomads’ photo essay was recently published on Aksgar talks about the project in more detail and also how he got into photography and what his inspirations are.