Aksgar Team


Anil Cherukupalli

Anil is a photographer, writer and filmmaker based in New Delhi. He is the founder and curator of Aksgar and was the ATSA Fellow 2011-12 at Goethe-Institut. His portfolio is here.

Antonio Marques

Antonio is a photographer and writer, currently based in Edinburgh, UK. Besides his role with Aksgar, he is the producer and host of PhotoNetCast, a photography podcast. Some of his photographic work can be found at TZPlanet.com, and you can also follow him on twitter. During the day, he still finds the time for a regular job as research scientist for a biotech company.

Madhu Reddy

Madhu is a writer and photographer currently based in Hyderabad. Her articles and photographs have been published in newspapers and online magazines. She is also the co-producer for Bangalore and Hyderabad Open Show. Having gone from a briefcase to a backpack, she wants to be a farmer when she grows up.