Aks O Aab

by Aadil Jamal


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One of the monuments in Lodhi Garden on a rainy day

It is magical to see the stones as they reflect in water. I have, over the last one year or so, shot these monuments as they were reflected through various water bodies.

Editor’s Note – Antonio Marques
Although more prevalent a few years back than now, it is still very common to see images created by superimposing images on other images full of textures – this technique, coming from the film days but made popular by the ease of in silico “layer stacking”, is supposed to develop images with more depth, or personality if you will, than the individual images alone.

But what happens if, instead of some (digital) dark room wizardry, we let physics superimpose the images for us?

Aks O Aab shows us just that. Far from the postcard perfect photos of the monuments, and nonetheless profused with an eerie dream-like quality that brings to mind fantasy portals to adjacent worlds, Aadil created a strong essay full of color, texture and fluidity, highlighting a different way of looking at what is in front of us for centuries, and definitely bringing to the surface the deep and raw personality of the man-made constructions.

And if photography is nothing more than painting with light, can’t reflections be considered the eternal photographs?

About Aadil Jamal
Aadil Jamal is an advertising professional who stumbled into photography by chance. A creative director and visiting faculty by profession. A writer and photographer by hobby. Put an exhibition 'Freedom Frames' in Delhi last year. Aadil is planning to devote more time to the hobby.

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